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Site Design Update

By Andrew Senetar Tagged: webdev

I finally got around to finishing up the redesign of this site / blog. The new design focuses on reducing the network data transfer while cleaning up the UI of the site and overall simplifying the layout. During the design I changed css frameworks, removed the majority of the javascript and opted for a simpler layout which still maintains a responsive design.

Unboxing EdgeRouter Lite

By Andrew Senetar Tagged: routers networking

Today, I received the Ubiquity EdgeRouter Lite as a replacement to my current pfSense router. I have been using pfSense on a custom computer for the past few years and got the EdgeRouter Lite as an attempt to reduce power consumption (pfSense system uses 56W via Kill-a-Watt). I will follow up this review with a more detailed comparison between the two setups after I have used the EdgeRouter Lite for a month or so. Anyhow without further back-story, the unboxing:

Migration to Jekyll

By Andrew Senetar Tagged: pelican jekyll

After having used pelican initially for my blog and creating a style for it. I have found the process of updating the blog on github pages to be a bit more clunky than I would like it to be. I have now gone through the process of converting the blog to use Jekyll. Converting the actual content was fairly easy, a few quirks were encountered when trying to setup the new templates but overall the process was very easy.


By Andrew Senetar Tagged: pelican python

After having tried using wordpress to create a blog on a couple occasions and attempting to create a skin, I gave up due to the clunkiness of the process and began to look for easier alternatives. After some searching I decided that pelican combined with github-pages would provided an adequate and easy to manage solution.